Fees & Taxes | Avis Rent a Car

Concession Recovery Fee or Premium Location Surcharge:  The airports where the Company does business impose a concession fee in which a percentage of the Company’s gross revenue generated from that location is paid to the airport.  This fee is to reimburse the Company for concession fees paid to the airport for each rental.

Vehicle License Recovery Fee:  This fee is for the Company’s recovery of the share – prorated per rental day – of the costs to license the car and put it on the road in the first instance such as vehicle title, license plates and registration fees. 

Customer Facility Charge:  This is a fee imposed by airports and remitted to them, generally to pay down indebtedness on bonds used to construct new, or fund improvements to existing rental car facilities.

Energy Recovery Fee:  This is a fee that helps offset the escalating energy costs related to business operations.

Parking Surcharge:  In certain locations, the Company may include a surcharge to help offset parking costs at that location.

AC Excise Recovery Fee: Vehicle manufacturers pay a federal excise tax on air conditioners installed in vehicles and pass this cost on to the Company when those vehicles are purchased.  The Company imposes this charge to recover those costs.

Environmental Fee Recovery Charge: In Ontario, the provincial government imposes an Ontario Eco Fee that is paid when purchasing products that require special disposal such as oils and oil filters.  This charge is to reimburse the Company for the Ontario Eco Fee.  

Tire Management Fee: This is a Quebec-only fee charged to recover the costs associated with purchasing, storing and changing seasonal tires in accordance with Quebec’s winter tire legislation.

Frequent Travel Program Fee: This fee applies for all rentals where miles, points or credits are awarded and is charged to offset the costs to the Company of participation in these programs.