Long-Term or Monthly Car Rental | Avis Rent a Car

If you’re taking an extended business trip, moving to a new city, or enjoying a long vacation, you may be in need of a long-term car rental. Get the benefits of a flexible long-term rental for a month or longer at Avis. Our long-term car rental is available in all of the Canadian provinces for renters who need a ride for an extended period. 


When you choose long-term car rental, you’ll receive:


  • Savings: The longer you rent, the lower your daily base rate. 

  • No long-term commitment: Rent your car for 1-11 months at a time.

  • Car swap eligibility: Switch one car for another at your leisure and try out several cars in our fleet.

  • Reduced loss damage waiver rates: Get discounted LDW rates on your monthly car rental.


Ready to enjoy the discount of a long-term car rental rate? Book your car rental online today with Avis.


Why Choose a Long-Term Car Rental?

There are countless reasons why you might need long-term car rental. 

You may benefit from monthly car rental if you’re traveling to a new city for a seasonal job and want a convenient way to get around town. Likewise, you might have flown from your hometown to an exciting destination for a summer getaway. Or you may be on a business trip and need a car for appointments and client meetings. You could even be a local waiting on car repairs or shopping for a new vehicle. 

A long-term rental from Avis is especially attractive when you weigh it against your other options, like paying for a pricey short-term lease, rushing to buy a vehicle when the timing or selection isn’t favorable, or relying on limited options for public transit.


Are there kilometer limits on monthly car rentals?

Yes, there generally are kilometer limits on monthly car rentals. These limits vary by rental. Find out the specifics of your rental during the reservation process. To do so, choose your pickup and return location, then see the kilometer limits listed on the right-hand side as you choose your rental option.


Are there any travel restrictions on a long-term car rental?

Avis has a flexible monthly car rental policy that gives you freedom to go wherever you please during your rental period. However, some rules and restrictions may apply to your long-term car rental:

  • Avis offers both round-trip rentals and one-way rentals. These options are based on availability at the time of rental.

  • Travel anywhere in Canada is permitted.

  • Most Avis locations allow travel to the continental U.S.

  • Travel into Alaska is usually not permitted. 


Popular Airport Locations for Long-Term Car Rental