Avis Rent A Car Business Programs

Now you can save on each business vehicle rental with our low corporate rates. Just enroll in the Avis Corporate Awards Program® and start racking up points toward free rentals!

Let Avis handle your cast and crew's specialized travel needs while they're on the road.  Our Entertainment and Productions program puts your people in the spotlight!
Need five or more vehicles? We'll create a customized package that delivers convenience, service and value for your entire group!
Get great government agency benefits and low rates whether you're traveling on official business or taking a personal getaway.
Give your members and customers great rates for all their business and personal travel. This exclusive online program gives you full control to decide which discount levels you provide throughout the year - and it also tracks the success and growth of your program!
Provide your members with savings and value added offers for leisure and business travel.
Corporate Rewards Program
Rent a luxury vehicle