Cars & Rental Services

For the safety and comfort of our corporate and leisure customers, Avis offers a variety of vehicles with enhanced features, providing both safety and comfort, including driver and passenger-side airbags, anti-lock brakes and much more.
Avis is committed to making your vehicle rental experience quick, easy and enjoyable. That's why we've developed membership programs and personal services that are designed to meet your needs and make your rentals more pleasurable. Plus - at Avis these membership programs are available free of charge!
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Avis has membership programs and personal services to make your vehicle rental experience with us easy and enjoyable. Find out more and see what we can offer you.
Avis has a variety of partnerships including airlines, hotels and other select companies. Through these partnerships, customers can earn miles or points and enjoy special discounts.

It's easy to request miles or points for your qualifying rentals. Members of Avis Preferred« Service can provide their frequent traveller number at the time of reservation.

Avis offers a variety of services from long term rentals to services for disabled customers. We try harder every step of the way to offer you quality services to meet all your vehicle rental needs.
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