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How can we help you? Request a past rental document, add frequent flyer miles to a rental, remove your name from our mailing list, or get an Avis telephone number. Of course, we always welcome your feedback or comments!
Avis has facilities in more than 150 countries around the globe. In order to find the telephone listings for reservations call centers within a country, first select a region of the world.
Speech and hearing-impaired customers in Canada and the U.S. can easily communicate with Avis through a special device called a Teletypewriter or Telecommunications Display Device (TTY/TDD).
How old must I be to rent an Avis Vehicle? How can I get a Child Safety Seat? What types of insurance are available? The answers to these and many more of your questions regarding our policies and procedures can be found in this section.
Want to track past rentals or receive a printed rental agreement? Avis makes it easy! This page allows you to track or print out your past rental agreement.
Avis has partnerships with many global airlines, hotels and destinations, so you can add valuable credits to your vehicle rentals. Check out your credits on past rentals.
Need to report a claim involving your Avis vehicle in Canada? Learn more.
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